New and Improved!

Welcome to the “new and improved” King of the Hill website!  The old site was looking a little, you know…fossilized.  Almost like someone had designed it in the late 90s and then never updated it.

Pretty much all of the old content is just the way it was, so when you click on some things you may see remnants of the old formatting and whatnot.  New content as it’s added will go up with the new format, and be much more awesomer.  Which is a word, as far as I know.

So take a look around and let me know what you think.  I’m pretty much always lurking around the forums – hit me up with a private message in there if you like, or send me an email if that’s the kind of thing that dials your modem.  Otherwise…reckon I’ll see you at the hill!


Photo courtesy of Mike Nelson Digital Photography.