New record set for entries at Indianhead M/C!

You know, you guys kind of drive me nuts when it comes to nationals…because at least half of you wait until the last possible moment to register.  But I have to say…this year you guys signed up in droves!

The last time nationals were held at Indianhead M/C was 2006 – and that year, there were 372 entries.  Which, as best as I can tell, had been the most entries ever at an event at IMC.

I don’t want to give too much away ahead of the event…but let’s just say that this year’s volume of entries absolutely blows that number away!  Like, to say “we set a new record” doesn’t really cut it – the increase in entries is just incredible!

So thanks to everybody who’s signed up for the event!  The club has been going gangbusters lately getting everything ready, and it’s gonna be awesome!  See you in about 3 weeks!